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Margi Hoffmann

Margi Hoffmann has spent the last eleven years creating change in this world.  Previously a political campaign director, lobbyist and policy advisor to two Oregon governors, Margi has helped individuals and public health, public safety, environmental, economic development, consumer protection, business and clean energy organizations strategically plan and implement their goals.  

She believes that in order to truly change our world we need to collectively learn to tap into the divine wisdom within ourselves and use that knowledge as a guide to create a balanced self, balanced community and, ultimately, a balanced world.

Using a unique and what some would call unorthodox approach, Margi mixes talking circles, ritual, meditation, and traditional personal and organizational strategic planning to help people cultivate their truest self and highest calling, and learn to live from that place.  Working closely with individuals and organizations, she helps people develop a map to facilitate living out their dreams.  She has supported hundreds of organizations, thought leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and corporate and non-profit directors. Margi believes that in showing up and doing this work, people can learn to stop struggling against life and come alive again.

We all have gifts that we were born to give this world. We all have something to say.  We all have something to contribute to this world.  Sometimes we just need a little guidance to figure out how.

Education and Selected training 

  • WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering, Esalen 2016
  • Lewis and Clark College, B.A. English Literature
  • Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation, Summer 2014 
  • Next Generation Project, 2005 - 2006

Employment experience

  • Energy Policy Advisor, Governors Kitzhaber & Brown, 2012 - 2015
  • Senior Vice President & Director of Oregon Operations, Strategies 360, 2009 - 2012
  • Principal Lobbyist, The Tresidder Company, 2006 - 2009
  • Coordinated Campaign Manager, Democratic Party of Oregon, 2008
  • Campaign Manager, David Wu for Congress, 2005 - 2006
  • Grassroots Coordinator, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, 2002 - 2005

presentations, conferences & Community Service

Jen Jackson Quintano

Jen Jackson Quintano has been writing since 2002, meditating since 2007, running chainsaws (and a business) since 2010, and mothering since 2014. With each addition, she wonders, "Who was I before I was this? And who would I be without it?" The identities compound and shatter – the sense of self forever in flux – but the line of inquiry remains.

Each self – author, arborist, mother, wife, meditator – helps Quintano relate to the world in a different capacity. The mother and wife act from feeling and ponder the future; the arborist utilizes a kinesthetic intellect, a deeper understanding of the physical realm; the writer strives for an empathy that will stir other hearts; the meditator understands that the truth of being is somewhere deeper than all this. 

Quintano's written work – focusing on the intersection of people and place – has appeared in numerous regional and national publications. Her first book, Blow Sand in His Soul: Bates Wilson, the Heart of Canyonlands was published in 2014. A new work is in progress. Articles also continue to flow forth, amidst demands of motherhood and business ownership.

Quintano and her husband operate Sand Creek Fire, a business that partners with both private and public landholders on projects related to forest health and fire mitigation. The enterprise has afforded the couple ample opportunity to connect with one another and the outdoors.

Prior to this iteration of life, Quintano worked for several non-profit organizations as a grassroots organizer and public relations specialist. She lived a desert-bound decade during which her heart melded to the bare-bones terrain. Now she resides near Sandpoint, Idaho, and her being is learning the contours of a new life and landscape.