Murmuration events and retreats are an opportunity for people to break through the callus generated by a demanding life, renewing access to feeling, speaking, and dreaming authentically. Not only are our retreats designed to nourish and explore the depths of self – through ritual, writing, sharing circles, and experiencing nature – they help merge that depth with one’s innate strength, confidence, and sense of purpose. Murmuration strives to birth the feeling heart into the world, through the embodiment of resolute vulnerability and the authentic action that springs forth. Please check out our offerings below and sign up for our email list to stay in touch. Deep bows and big love to you.

Shadowboxing: Exploring Our Shadow to Embrace the Other
Professor Valley Field Camp, Moab, Utah
April 21-23, 2017

Now, more than ever, our highest selves are needed – both to engage peacefully where we currently stand, and also to grow beyond the polarization that now limits and disconnects us. Please join us for Shadowboxing, a women's retreat focused on seeing and healing the darkness and divisions within ourselves and our communities. 

Murmuration's Shadowboxing workshop will help us to become intimate with our shadows, with the darkness that can both be so hidden within ourselves yet broadcast so loudly on the political stage. Where and how do we find the shadow? What feeds it? How do we meet it, work with it, embrace it? How do we learn to use our own shadow elements to not only understand ourselves but The Other?

This moment in history – fraught with political, cultural and religious divides – provides an incomparable opportunity for this critical work. In fact, it is necessary if we are going to move beyond our egocentric mindset into a more evolved society and culture. The retreat will include yoga, journaling, meditation, ritual, and sharing within the sacred circle we co-create, to engage in deep shadow work. From the darkness, we will seek to understand ourselves and, in doing so, The Other so that we may bring more love, more understanding, and more compassion to a fractured world.

Our work will take place at Professor Valley Field Camp, an idyllic desert setting on the banks of Professor Creek, just 20 minutes from Moab, Utah. Redrock towers and cliffs surround the site, the Colorado River flows just minutes down the road, silence reigns supreme, and starry skies shine unimpeded by city lights. We will sleep in Lakota-style tipis and dive into the depths of Self and Other under the protective canopies of cottonwood trees. Vinyasa and yin yoga practices will be a part of our daily routine, allowing us to root into our bodies and more deeply process all that arises in our work together. Please click here to learn more.

Previous Events and Retreats

WisdomWomen Visionary Gathering
Esalen, Big Sur, California
January 13-15, 2017

Join Margi Hoffmann, Governance Council Steward, and many other amazing women at the confluence of sacred waters near Big Sur, California. We are thrilled to host the second annual women's only property-wide gathering at Esalen. This gathering is for all women who dare to express their radical visions and unique gifts in service to a world where all beings thrive. We invite trailblazers, thought and heart leaders, and paradigm shifters to join us in a wild experimentation that takes us beyond time and space. Please click here for more information about this incredible coming together.

Reclamation & Regeneration: September 16-18, 2016
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York

WisdomWomen is partnering with the Omega Women's Leadership Center to host a gathering at one of the leading retreat centers in the world. Can we presence our individual and collective shadows and wounds and transmute them into our gifts and potential?  Can we use our advancements to reclaim ancient wisdom of living with Earth and community?  For more about this gathering, click here.

Seeking Light: June 10 - 12, Sandpoint, Idaho

Seeking Light is a weekend retreat for women nestled in the Kootenai Country outside of Sand Point, Idaho.  In the company and community of kick ass women, we will traverse the map of our interior landscapes, breathing into the shadow and the light, the feminine and the masculine, deepening our awareness of the healing that comes to life when living straight from the heart.  In circle, we will rediscover the spirit guide, the disco queen, the radiant goddess, the forest nymph, the authentic self that exists within us all.  Who is she?  Who are you?  Bring your journals, altar items, gifts, poems, songs, dancing shoes, costumes, a warm coat.  I can hear hear your laughter calling through the flames that nip the darkness under an expanse of starry sky above.


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