Margi Hoffmann

On my run this morning amidst the permafrost and last of the bird chirps and new snow on the mountains, I am reminded to ground down. I can feel our tribe all around me. I can feel a new wholeness on the horizon born by breaking, breaking down fear, showing up in life wholly as ourselves, with all our light and all our dark. Words take flight.

Governance is a hierarchical structure
To bend wills or to heal hearts
New ancient wisdom arises in the smoke that curls up from our prayers, having burned away the bad so we can enter in a good way, asking us who we want to be.
Who we are.
We sit in circle, inviting in our community, to participate in the way we shape ourselves as individuals and our collective heart, soul, living breathing body.
We move as a murmuration of a thousand birds that dance about the sky.
We take flight.
We breathe deeply.
We self care.
So that when we enter we can enter in a good way.
We ask the wisdom of our past to join us, our ancestors speaking to us through spirit and through the fibers that make up our inherent body wisdom.
We ask of the wisdom of our past to sit with us, to help us learn how to be with ourselves and with each other, for the benefit of all earths children and grandchildren to come.
So that we may live.
So that we may love.
So that we may blanket this earth as mother tucking her children into bed at night.