Jen Jackson Quintano

Margi and I hatched the idea of leading retreats together after fashioning a small one

for friends in Missoula. It was a four-woman retreat, replete with ritual, writing, and

opening our hearts in the safety of the circle. There was laughing. There was a dance

party. Over the course of the weekend, I rediscovered myself, my spark, my

dreaming self. It was powerful. It was necessary to my being – as necessary as food

and friendship. I didn’t even know I needed it until my hunger for it was sated.

When Margi suggested that we offer this experience to others, my heart erupted into

a million tiny exclamations of “Yes!” I could imagine no collaboration more

meaningful in my life. I could imagine no work more meaningful. I needed this, and I

didn’t realize my hunger for it until it was offered.

Not only is this an opportunity for us to help other women reengage with

themselves, their vulnerability, their dreams, and their power, but it’s a chance for

us to do the same. Again and again. And as we learn from the participants who join

our circle, we will have more to offer future participants. It’s a beautifully

constructed feedback loop that has the ability to touch so many.

The chance to work with my dear friend is a dream come true. I have admired

Margi’s career trajectory for over a decade. She is one of the most accomplished,

strong, confident, and intelligent professionals I know. When I have the chance to

hear her on a conference call, witness a presentation, or read a document she has

drafted, I am humbled. Then add to that the fact that she makes me laugh like no

other, that I have the best stories to tell from time with her (have us recount the

details of our 39-mile hike sometime), and that her vulnerability and honesty are

exemplars toward which I constantly strive…well, suffice it to say, she is amazing.

And we will be amazing together.

I look forward to the circles we convene. I look forward to sharing our unique

approach of depth and groundedness and youthful enthusiasm. I look forward to

collaborating with an amazing woman…actually, many amazing women. Because

that’s what this whole thing is all about.