Margi Hoffmann

Having worked in politics for the last ten-plus years, I am often the friend that people turn to for advice on how to fight back. As the gravity of this administration and President Trump sets in, a resistance of equal measure takes root in all of us. It is a fire ignited in that place in our body that calls to us, that draws us out, to say “yes,” to doing what we feel is right. However, for many people who have little engaged in the political system before, it is hard to know exactly what that looks like. 

Over the course of the past year, since stepping away from the Governor’s office, I have done a lot of deep thinking about how to raise effective resistance in our country. I have worked as the grassroots organizer, fighting from the outside-in. I have worked as a policy advisor to two Governors, fighting from the inside-out. I have seen the lightness and the darkness embodied by a system run by people, just like you and I, sometimes with grace, ease and integrity; at other times with manipulation, capitulation and a blind eye. 

The farther away from politics I get the more time I have to breathe and expand. Like any demanding career, residing in the belly of the beast often doesn’t afford time for thinking, let alone a lunch break. The idea of nourishing myself was hard to come by, both physically and spiritually. 

However, the change I have seen in myself runs deeper than time, exercise, reading books, finding joy. I no longer feel the exhaustion of how, under a President Trump, I need to yet again pick myself up off the floor and keep fighting for women, children, and meaningful action on climate change with what seems like a bent sword tilted to a windmill. In fact, this change does not come from thinking at all. It has nothing to do with my brain. Going inside of my body, I journey home to the seat of ancient wisdom that courses through all of us. The place that pulsates, ebbs and flows with the moon and beats to the rhythm of the earth. From that place, clear visions of the new world order and the pathway forward start to arise. From that place, I rise. The Warrior. 

There is a truth emerging inside of me, inside of us. We need to do everything that we can to rattle the cages of Congress, to take a stand against zero-ing out funding for domestic and sexual violence, erasing stores of data tracking the effects of climate change and lies that attempt a fantastical re-write of our great nation’s history. Yet I have come to believe that we cannot win simply by fighting a male system in a male way. That is not winning, that is standing our ground. To grow, to expand, to transform, to birth the new nation, we need to go deep inside our collective female body. We need to go to the heart that dreams and the seat that weaves those dreams into a new reality. We need to realize our full power and potential as women in this world, asking ourselves what gifts we were born to give. We need to re-learn to trust that living our truth, giving our unique gifts, each and every day, in the grocery store, standing around the water cooler, is the only thing being asked of us. The more we continue to cover ourselves up, to drown in our own war with our bodies, to believe that we are not worthy, incapable, don’t have a voice, are not up to the challenge, the more we will ride this swinging pendulum back and forth between progression and regression. We will live as a reaction to the world around us and not as its creator.

Women, your time has come. It is for this reason and for this moment that you were put here on this Earth. Find yourself, feed yourself, and nourish your spirit, for we have a long battle ahead. But, whatever you do, do it. Nobody will fight this battle for you, but we will fight it with you. In community. With every ounce of every fiber of our beings. 

We bow to you. We hold you in our hearts. Let us go forth. Together.